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My target 500 kms

We walk

... to create awareness for breast cancer, for women and men. 

This is still needed as 1 in 7 women received the diagnosis of breast cancer. 

In 2018 we walked for the first time for Pink Ribbon with our onboard teams and office team and we want to continue this, this month of October.

Onboard our ships and in our Rheinfelden office, our teams will get together and walk that extra mile!

Our goal is to walk all together at least 500 km before the end of this month, to raise awareness and show that we support every warrior who has to fight this disease.

Will you go the extra mile with us? Thank you for your support! 

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My Updates

It is November 1st....

Wednesday 1st Nov

Today is November 1st, and in just 24 days, we've walked a total of 428.64 kilometers!

Well done to all the teams involved, that is really amazing!

Together, we have raised over €500! Your contributions have made a significant impact, and we appreciate every bit of support. In addition to raising awareness, spreading the message, and coming together, every little bit counts. Thank you for your generosity!

Although some ships couldn't participate due to deviations or early EOS, I appreciate everyone's effort to be involved. Remember, every step counts!

Congratulations to the Bon Voyage team, led by Peter Luca, for walking and running a combined total of nearly 130 km! Some of the team even completed the official Pink Ribbon half marathon in Bordeaux. Excellent work – Chapeau team!

The office team in Rheinfelden got together and walked their way through the town and further, with a total of 85 km! Thank you, team!

We're proud to announce that our office team in Rheinfelden came together and walked a whopping 85km through the town and beyond! A big thank you to the entire team for their incredible effort and achievement.

The River Princess team went for long walks and runs together, covering an impressive total distance of nearly 45 km, despite some deviations. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

The SS Antoinette team, conquered the hills in Boppard several times (even with crew members that had a fear of heights) and walked over 30 km!

Also the SS Maria Theresa walked over 30 kilometers and took beautiful photos along the way, thank you!

The River Empress, River Queen, and S.S. Beatrice, along with the traveling team, made significant contributions, each walking approximately 20 kilometers!

Again, I want to express my gratitude for these incredible results!

Update #2 - We walked over 125 kilometre!!

Tuesday 17th Oct

Despite the deviations, changes in sailing schedule and end of seasons… one week in and we walked over 125 kilometers all together!

Its so great to see the team spirit and your involvement in this matter, wonderful!


The Office Team went out for several walks already and walked in total close to 15 km.

The River Queen hiked, walked and ran close to 20 km in total. Their walk to the end of season dinner, made us hit the 100 km in total 😊.

The River Princess went over the 20 km already, that is about 25.908 steps!

The River Empress team started a few days ago and already explored Strasbourg and Frankfurt, walking over 10km.

The Super Ship Bon Voyage team walked and ran a stunning total of 50,4 kilometers, that is amazing Peter Luca and team!!

 Keep up the good work, stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air!

Update 1 and Strava maps

Thursday 12th Oct

RP update 1

Thursday 12th Oct

SSC Update 1

Thursday 12th Oct

Update #1

Thursday 12th Oct
Dear Incredible People,

It's truly inspiring to see teams coming together and donations coming in.

Thank you to those who have contributed financially, as well as with their time and involvement. Our goal is to raise awareness, show support and fundraise for Pink Ribbon, an organization dedicated to women diagnosed with breast cancer. They provide funding for projects and research to prevent breast cancer and improve treatment. Additionally, they strive to make life after breast cancer as comfortable as possible.

We're doing everything in our power to raise funds and awareness. Our teams have been going the extra mile, walking in groups from the ships, office, and home. In just two days, with four teams walking, we covered over 46 kilometres! With more teams joining and 19 days to go, I'm confident we'll reach our collective goal of 500 kilometres.

The S.S. Catherine team tackled the hills in Tain Hermitage, covering almost 6.5 km.

Meanwhile, the River Princess team took on Vilshofen, clocking almost 10,000 steps (about 7.5 km). Another group onboard the RP hit the hills of Linz, walking the longest distance of 10.66 km.

The office squad also got in on the action with two walks, covering 5.5 km and 3 km around the river in Rheinfelden. The River Queen team hiked in Bernkastel for 4.94 km with an elevation gain of 249 meters, and explored Boppard, covering almost 6 km.

And let's not forget our traveling team, including three dogs tis time. Even from afar, we walked 3.6 km – every step counts, right?

Thanks to everyone who's participated so far, and let's keep those photos and walks coming!

December 2018

Monday 9th Oct
The start

December 2018

Monday 9th Oct
The start

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